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  We are a 3-year program that builds positive habits beginning at ages 2 and 3 that progress into academic skills upon graduation, by the age of 5 and 6. It is likely that students who are with us for only 1 year will not have sufficient time to build the necessary habits for success.  


How to apply:

1) Read through our website to ensure our program, schedule and tuition is a good fit for your family.

2) Call or email to schedule a personal tour. Enrollment remains open until all spaces are filled.  Tours typically last between 20 and 30 minutes. Please bring your child so we have a chance to meet your little one.

3) After the tour, if you would like to apply, ask for enrollment forms to be emailed to you.  Fill out all documents and return as soon as possible.  In the event of a wait list, priority will be given to those who return all forms first.  payment (non-refundable $30) 

4) Once you receive an acceptance email, you will have 1 week to confirm enrollment and submit your non-refundable deposit (1st month's tuition and $25 snack donation).  If you do not respond within that week, your spot will be given to the next family in line.

Classes are:

8:30am-12:30pm - 12:30-4:30pm

3 days a week : M/W/F - $890/month

4 days a week : M-Th - $990/month

5 days a week : M-F - $1030/month

Partial scholarships available!


Acceptance is based upon: AVAILABILITY - the number of available spaces differs every year depending on how many students are graduating and how many are re-enrolling for the upcoming year.  Additionally, current families enrolling a sibling will receive priority registration.  ENROLLMENT SCHEDULE - it is easier for us to work with students who attend school more often.  We may give priority to students enrolling for 4 or 5 days and/or including other programs over a 2–3-day schedule. AGE - The optimal class has a balance of age, gender and potty trainers.  When managing incoming students, we take these ratios into account. DATE OF APPLICATION - If it comes down to it, we may have to decide on a first come, first served basis, meaning whichever application was submitted first will generally receive acceptance. 


  Please send an email to

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