We are a 3-year program that builds positive habits beginning at ages 2 and 3 that progress into academic skills upon graduation, by the age of 5 and 6. It is likely that students who are with us for only 1 year will not have sufficient time to build the necessary habits for success.  As a result, we do not enroll students beginning in their pre-k year. 4-6 year-olds may be better suited for the in-home program where we can dedicate 1:1 attention to your child's needs in order to best prepare him/her for kindergarten.

Our preschool is typically booked a year in advance.  Be sure to apply the year BEFORE you would like your child to attend.  For example, if you wish to register for Fall of 2020, you need to schedule your tour in the Fall of 2019. 


How to apply:

1) Read through our website to ensure our program, schedule and tuition is a good fit for your family.

2) Call or email to schedule a personal tour.  We offer tours beginning in November and enrollment remains open until all spaces are filled.  Tours typically last between 20 and 30 minutes.  Time of day is flexible but 10am allows you to see both circle time and our work cycle.  Please bring your child so we have a chance to meet your little one.

3) After the tour, if you would like to apply, ask for enrollment forms to be emailed to you.  Fill out all documents and return as soon as possible.  In the event of a wait list, which is likely, priority will be given to those who return all forms first. Applications and application payment (non-refundable $25) must be received by the first week of March.

4) Once your receive an acceptance email, you will have 1 week to confirm enrollment and submit your non-refundable deposit (1st month's tuition and $25 snack donation).  If you do not respond within that week, your spot will be given to the next family in line.

Classes are:




2 days: T/Th - $650/mo 

(2 days is only an option for 2 y.o. and not offered to ages 3 and up.)

4 days: M-Th - $950/mo

(4 days is the minimum requirement for Pre-K students.)

5 days: M-F - $990/mo

Partial scholarships available!

Recommended Scheduling - Because we are only a half-day program most 3-5 year-olds acclimate easily to a 5-day schedule.  Students who attend only 3 days or less take much more time to adjust to the new environment and therefore longer to learn new skills.  We always recommend a 4-5 day schedule for ages 3 and up but offer the options as a courtesy to your busy family. 


Acceptance is based upon: AVAILABILITY - the number of available spaces differs every year depending on how many students are graduating and how many are re-enrolling for the upcoming year.  Additionally, current families enrolling a sibling will receive priority registration.  ENROLLMENT SCHEDULE - it is easier for us to work with students who attend school more often.  We may give priority to students enrolling for 4 or 5 days and/or including other programs over a 2-3 day schedule. AGE - The optimal class has a balance of age, gender and potty trainers.  When managing incoming students, we take these ratios into account. DATE OF APPLICATION - If it comes down to it, we may have to decide on a first come, first served basis, meaning whichever application was submitted first will generally receive acceptance. 


Send an email detailing your child's age and needs along with your availability to



School:  206.329.2081



1800 S Jackson St. Suite 112 Seattle, WA 98144

We are located in central Seattle in The Legacy At Pratt Park complex.  Our entrance is in the back of the building on the NW corner by the intersection of 18th Ave and S Main.  There is no signage but we have large windows that allow you to see clearly into the school.  Follow the steps to our front door!



Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm



There is typically plenty of street parking on 18th, 19th and Jackson St. as well as their crossroads.  For your first visit, allow an extra 5 minutes to potentially walk 1 block and/or familiarize yourself with the location and parking options.  Try your best to park within the posted regulations.  If you must double park for a few minutes, be sure to flash your hazards.  Parking enforcement does not come around often but when they do, they are brutal.  Remember to bring all valuables with you when you leave your car.


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